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David Emm Guitars

Plenty of other guitar builders around the world will attest to the fact that guitar building is addictive. 

My guitar building started in the same way as many others, with a small project to build myself an instrument, in my case a solidbody bass guitar. Although not perfect it was better than expected and thanks to support from family and friends I was convinced it was a success. This led me to think about pushing my skills even further and attempting an acoustic guitar. Living in Switzerland gave me easy access to some fantastic tonewood right on my doorstep and some time later and after many, many hours in the workshop, my first acoustic guitar appeared. That guitar enhanced my addiction. Almost as soon as that guitar was strung up and made its first beautiful sounds I was thinking what I could build next. My building has continued thanks to further commissioned builds. My never ending thoughts about what is possible to be created in the world of guitar inspire me to do more. 

Should you wish to commission a build from me, please don't hesitate to get in contact to discuss the details. All my builds are one-offs and the build possibilities are only limited by your imagination. These creative collaborations are what I look forward to the most in my escapades in guitar building. 

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